Aavi Medicare works on the partnership model to register products and market them in different countries worldwide. India has an inherent advantage both in terms of technological capability and cost efficiency. e-businessQuality drugs manufactured by Aavi Medicare are finding increasing acceptance in world markets with this combination of equivalent quality, at lower prices.

We are highly determined in pursuit of our vision of being an Indian multinational company fulfilling the needs of millions worldwide for quality drugs at affordable prices.

Aavi Medicare is making great strides towards our vision under the dynamic leadership of Ms Prachi Rane, her vast experience in the industry has helped us make quick progress in establishing Aavi Group giving a strategic thrust to business. At present we are exporting our Pharma, Herbal, Cosmetics and Surgical products to South Asian, Gulf, African countries.

Our Business Units are established as:

  • Human medicines/drugs
  • Herbal
  • Cosmetics
  • Surgical
  • Veterinary

Aavi Medicare believes in developing strategic overseas business partnerships leading to win-win outcomes for all. Our growth strategy includes both, organic and inorganic.

Offering cures that are contemporary and affordable

One of the cornerstones of our belief system is to offer our clients and markets with the latest remedies at affordable prices, so that the cures can be accessed by every afflicted individual. To this end we engineer our manufacturing, transportation and logistics to derive maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on either quality or timely deliveries.

Our formulation development team and regulatory affairs department are focused on bringing the latest generics into the market thereby increasing the patient affordability and clinical efficacy.

Cost Effectiveness

We can provide competitive rates for formulations as we are the suppliers or reputed companies which are approved vendors in multinationals and big Indian corporate enterprises.

Timely Services

Understanding the importance of meeting lead time for delivery of formulation in export business, we are committed to offer timely service as we have complete control over supply of raw material and excipients to the manufacturing Units.


One can rely upon us for providing quality products being used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Adhering to high quality standards is not an accident but has become a habit over the years.


We can provide all the necessary documentation as per the regulatory requirement of different countries.

With a clear vision to be the Indian company, Aavi Medicare is currently focused in making ventures in the international market in brand formulations and quality generics. At present, we are exporting our formulations to Vietnam, Ethopia, Somalia,  Nigeria,  Uganda and more.

Quality policy

Aavi Medicare being a customer driven organization believes in complete satisfaction and giving full value for money to the customer in terms of quality and price. We believe in manufacture and supply of drugs by maintaining highest quality to serve mankind and improve their lives. These are being achieved by following Good Manufacturing Practices; Local and International Rules and Regulations applicable to our operation.